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May 07, 2014
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Internationally acclaimed as one of the best books about C.S. Lewis and his writings, Thomas Howard provides new insights and helps us to see thinges we didn't see of appreciate in Lewis before. Focusing on narnia, the space trilogy, and Till We Have faces, Howard explores with remarkable clairty the moral vision in the imaginary world of the master storyteller Lewis.

Editorial Reviews

"At last! A book about C.S. Lewis that doesn't sound like a term paper, a book that is a joy to read, a book written with Lewis's own passionate power with words. Mercurial magic. A feast for the spirit.Without question the best book yet written about C.S. Lewis."
- Peter Kreeft Author, Heaven: The Heart's Deepest Longing

"A splendid book, one of the very best critical works on Lewis's fiction."

"Tom Howard reads Lewis carefully and brings to his reading a special excitement that is uniquely his. His treatment of That Hideous Strength is the best I have read."

Paul Ford Author, Companion to Narnia


(No reviews yet) Write a Review