Remembering C.S. Lewis

Recollections of Those Who Knew Him



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November 16, 2005
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In this intimate, candid, and sometimes surprising community biography of the celebrated author and Christian apologist, twenty-four men and women who knew C.S. Lewis—as teacher, colleague, friend—offer their reminiscences and impressions of the complex man behind the critical and academic acclaim.

Through their recollections, we see “Jack” Lewis dazzling Oxford as he takes on atheists, materialists, and a host of other challengers. Most poignantly, we see him in everyday settings: striding up and down the platform at a railroad station, presiding over leisurely dinners with students, expounding on the virtues of the pub.
“The net effect of this collection,” said the Catholic Review, “is to make us feel that we know Lewis as well as [his] friends.” And to quote the New Yorker, “The heterogeneity of the contributors assures a variety of Lewises, but certain traits appear in all these accounts: intelligence, imagination, gusto, a sense of fun, and, most frequently, magnanimity.”

Editorial Reviews

“An unexpected delight.”
Washington Post

“A grand banquet of personal insights.”
San Diego Union

“An invaluable, indeed an indispensible, addition to the burgeoning sphere of Lewis scholarship.”
Joseph Pearce, Author, C.S. Lewis and the Catholic Church


(No reviews yet) Write a Review