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February 28, 1990
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As she has done with other books of Scripture, the mystic von Speyr here provides incisive, profound and original verse by verse commentary on the Elijah cycle, reflecting on both the action and events of the narrative as well as on the meaning of each verse. Both the content and the style are stimulus to prayerful reflection and a help to meditation. Von Speyr focuses on the importance of understanding Elijah as a prototype of Christ and a key to the New Testament message.

Some of the chapters included here are "The Drought is Announced", "Elijah and Ahab", The Sacrifice of Mt. Carmel, "The Encounter With God", The Call of Elisha, "Ahaziah and Elijah", and "Elijah is Caught Up to Heaven".

Editorial Reviews

"Adrienne von Speyr is one of the greatest mystics of the twentieth century. Her insights into the Bible offer a treasure trove of wisdom."
—Fr. Donald Calloway, M.I.C, Author, Champions of the Rosary


"The abundant harvest of graces hidden in this theological mission for our times still waits to be more fully carried into the storehouses of the Church, for whom Adrienne von Speyr was sent. Now, however, a century after her birth, there are many signs to indicate that the moment of her ‘reawakening’ is at hand!"
—Jacques Servais, S.J., Director, Casa Balthasar, Rome


"It takes a great mystic to plumb the depths of this pivotal prophet and to interpret his life. Adrienne von Speyr does just that. She weaves profound insights from his life and ministry into a beautiful tapestry that is easy to understand. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand ‘the father of the prophets’ and also to find a model for his own spiritual life."

Stephen Ray, Film Producer, ELIJAH & ELISHA: Conscience of the Kingdom; Author, Upon This Rock


(No reviews yet) Write a Review