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March 07, 2023
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God needed a fighter, and He found one. Father Stu is an unflinchingly honest, funny and uplifting true-life story of boxer-turned-priest, Father Stuart Long.

Past his prime and faced with the end of his career as an amateur boxer, Stuart struggles to find his life’s purpose. After surviving a terrible motorcycle accident and a near-death experience, Stuart (Mark Wahlberg) wonders if he can use his second chance to help others find their way — when he discovers new faith and the surprising realization of his true calling: priesthood.

Despite a devastating health crisis and the skepticism of Church officials and his estranged parents (Mel Gibson and Jacki Weaver), Stu pursues his vocation with courage and compassion, inspiring not only those closest to him but countless others along the way.

Newly edited to PG-13 version.

Included is access to a digital edition of the film.

Editorial Reviews

"Mark Wahlberg’s new film is one of the most theologically interesting films to come out in a long time. It considers some of the thorniest and most puzzling themes in the sacred science, including the nature of vocation, the purpose of suffering in the divine plan, the role of supernatural agency, the dynamics of redemption, and perhaps most thoroughly, the mystery of God’s providence."
- Bishop Robert Baron, Word on Fire

"It is stories like Father Stu who heard God’s call and kept fighting for it, and then lived it out during the short years of his ministry, that will inspire a new generation of seminarians and priests. I believe that the story of Father Stu told in this film will indeed inspire men to consider a call to the priesthood."
-Fr. Edward Looney, Catholic Exchange

"Father Stu is a film that presents the drama of change and the power of suffering to transform a broken human being into a glorious example of strength, humility, and love of all humanity. Father Stu reminds us, 'We shouldn't pray to have an easy life but for the strength to endure a difficult one.' Suffering, he says, 'is the fullest expression of God's love. It’s the chance to be close to Christ.' "
-Sr. Nancy Usselmann, Catholic Mom

"The dignity and goodwill Fr. Stu brings to his suffering offers a profound witness of Christian faith and transformative love. Yet all of it could be hopelessly schmaltzy were it not for the effectiveness of Wahlberg’s absorbing performance. It’s a gift to sit through a religiously-themed film today that leaves no taste of artificial sweetener in the mouth. And that’s why Father Stu should not be missed."
-Francis Maier, First Things

"Father Stu is simply brilliant. It is funny, dramatic, and emotionally moving — both with tears of sadness and joy. Very seldom do we get a faith-based film that has the high quality of film making that Father Stu has. Bravo!"
-Karlo Broussard, Catholic Answers

"Stu Long, like the actor who portrays him, opened himself to Christ, and both men’s sincerity, humility, and devotion radiate from Father Stu, a stirring depiction of faith’s journey that will be spiritual balm for many of those who see it. For Catholics, it’s an essential film, and Christians in general will find much to rejoice over in it. The movie shimmers with an urgent spirituality that feels like a rare gift."
- Kyle Smith, National Review

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