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Many Catholic homeschoolers already use our books to supplement home education. Our homeschooling bundles will give you a variety of materials to use when teaching from home, and offer a 25% discount off the list price of all the books included. Great deals AND great resources!

These six books are excellent supplements for primary-school catechetical education.

Age level: 6 and up

  • Tell Me About the Catholic Faith – 6TMCFH • $19.99
  • YOUCAT for Kids – YFKP • $17.95
  • The Catholic Bible for Children – 6CSBP • $16.99
  • The Big Book of Christians Around the World – 6BBCH • $16.99
  • The Catholic Faith from A to Z – 6CFAZH • $19.95
  • Catholic Saints for Children – 6CSFCP • $16.99

Total value: $108.90 • Discount price: $81.68 • SAVE $27.22!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review