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The whole of Scripture, Old Testament and New, is being published in a single volume, featuring the beautiful Revised Standard Version Second Catholic Edition (RSV2CE) translation along with introductions, outlines, and explanatory notes for each biblical book, extensive cross references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and an array of visual and educational aids to bring the message of Scripture into clear focus for Catholic readers.

More than any other study edition of the Bible on the market, the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible is “like a householder who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old” (Mt 13:52). It draws insights from the best of modern scholarship as well as the best of the Catholic tradition of interpretation through the ages.

It explains the historical, cultural, literary, and archaeological background of Scripture, while at the same time looking to the Fathers, Doctors, and Councils of the Church for insight into its theological and spiritual teachings. The result is a veritable library of Bible study resources, all under one cover, designed to help readers understand the written Word of God and apply its lessons to their lives today. It is simply the most ambitious undertaking of its kind in our generation. 

Key Features:

  • Introductions and Outlines for every book of the Bible
  • 17,500+ explanatory footnotes for every chapter of the Bible
  • 20+ topical essays on major topics in the Bible
  • 140+ word studies on the most important vocabulary in the Bible
  • 25+ charts on the chronology, kings, parables, and other features of the Bible
  • 50+ maps on the geography of the Bible  
  • 1,700+ cross-references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • 9 point type size

The Ignatius Press Study Bible has been developed by leading Scripture scholars:

Scott Hahn, Ph.D., General Editor, St. Paul Center
Curtis J. Mitch, M.A., Co-Editor

Contributing Authors:
Kelly Anderson, S.S.L., Ph.D., Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary
Michael Barber, Ph.D., Augustine Institute
John Bergsma, Ph.D, Franciscan University and St. Paul Center
Mark Giszczak, S.S.L., Ph.D., Augustine Institute
John A. Kincaid, Ph.D., University of Mary
Jeffrey L. Morrow, Ph.D., St. Paul Center
James B. Prothro, Ph.D., Augustine Institute
Andrew Swafford, S.T.D., Benedictine College
Leeanne Thomas, M.A.
Matthew J. Thomas, D.Phil., Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology
David Twellman, Ph.D., Sacred Heart Major Seminary
André Villeneuve, Ph.D., Sacred Heart Major Seminary & Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies

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Editorial Reviews

“Any initiative promoting continued Biblical study among Catholics is most welcome.  Any project involving Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch is especially tantalizing! That's why I am so happy with the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. Our Catholic people are so hungry for God's Word! Take and read!”
—Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York 

"This is sacred Scripture presented as the inspired Word of God, the foundation of Catholic doctrine and liturgy, and the touchstone of the saints in every age. A quarter-century in the making, the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible features notes and essays that explain the sacred text in light of the Church’s magisterium, critical research, archeology, and other disciplines. This makes for a reading experience that is profound and faithful, educational and spiritual. The ICSB respects the unity of the Old and New Testament and highlights the pattern of types — foreshadowing and fulfillment — that is a defining characteristic of the Bible."
—Scott Hahn, Ph.D.

“I’ve never seen a more complete and useful study Bible. The editors incorporate the riches of the tradition of the Fathers alongside the best of modern critical scholarship. From Genesis to Revelation, they manifest a rare sense of the Bible as a liturgical book and source of Catholic doctrine. From this day forward, I assure you, the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible will be at my desk and open.”
 —Mike Aquilina, author, Rabbles, Riots, and Ruins: Twelve Ancient Cities and How They Were Evangelized

“If you have to take a single Bible resource to a desert island, let it be Ignatius Catholic Study Bible! Faithful to the tradition and magisterium and cognizant of the best modern scholarship, this is a landmark achievement that will permanently impact English-speaking Catholicism around the world.”
—Dr. John Bergsma, Franciscan University and St. Paul Center

“This is the ‘Go-To’ resource for any lay Catholic wanting to go deeper into Scripture. Coming from the heart of the Church, The Ignatius Study Bible provides historical background to the sacred text, insightful interpretation, and wisdom from the Church Fathers and current Biblical scholarship, in a practical, easy-to-use format that enriches our reading of the Bible as Catholics."
—Edward Sri, S.T.D., Sr. Vice President of Apostolic Outreach, FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students)

“Obeying the first and greatest commandment, Jesus said, includes loving God with all our mind. This means, among other things, that we learn how to view life, the world, and everything through the lens of Sacred Scripture. But, like the Ethiopian eunuch or the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, all of us need a trusted guide to help us grasp what the Bible means, what God is actually saying. The ICSB offers such a guide.  The completion of the ICSB is the product of many years of faithful labor, and the contributors and editors and Ignatius Press are to be congratulated for offering this splendid gift to the Church.  I recommend this wonderful resource as a regular go-to in every personal, parish, pastoral, and school library.” 
—Bishop James Conley, Bishop of the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska

“Simply the best available comprehensive Catholic Study Bible. Its introductions and expositions set a commanding tone for Catholic Scripture scholarship: clear and compelling, historically illuminating, tradition-honoring, and theologically robust. The running commentary is insightful and incisive, easily the most readily translatable into the Scripture-informed prayer and charity for which Vatican II and contemporary popes call. This Bible is my go-to text for teaching laity and clergy alike, and my first point of reference in preparing homilies. Be sure not to miss the invaluable indices, especially of doctrine and of liturgical use, which clinch this volume’s holistic, truly Catholic reading of the Sacred Page!”
—Rev. Charles K. Samson, S.S.L., S.T.D., Assistant Professor of Biblical Theology, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary

“The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible is a great resource for seminarians, deacons, and priests. Following the Church’s principles of biblical interpretation, it will help form the next generation of clergy to understand Scripture.”
—Rev. Pablo Gadenz, S.S.L., S.T.D., Professor of Sacred Scripture,Mount St. Mary’s Seminary

“An invaluable resource for reading Scripture that unites contemporary expertise with centuries of the Church's insights into the sacred text.”
—Matthew J. Thomas, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology Department Chair, Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, Berkeley, CA


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