The Theologian's Enterprise

A Very Short Introduction



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January 22, 2020
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In this brief guide, an internationally acclaimed theologian and Dominican priest explains the approach to Catholic theology that he has worked out during his nearly forty years of publishing books and articles in the service of the Church.

He looks at the nature of theology, its status as a science that is also a wisdom, its intrinsic principles and methods, its sources, and its subdivisions. He discusses the qualities the budding theologian must make his own if theology is to be authentically Catholic and assist, rather than hinder, the Church's mission.

In a time of considerable confusion in the intellectual life of the Church, arising not only from professors but from hierarchs, The Theologian's Enterprise offers comprehensive yet concise counsel to those setting out in the study of their faith, perhaps for the first time.

Editorial Reviews

"This is the most user-friendly and lucidly written introduction to theological study I have read. Every new theology student should have a copy. Fr. Nichols manages to explain complex concepts in a way that clarifies their meaning without oversimplification.  It's also a beautiful piece of writing and a pleasure to read."
— Professor Tracey Rowland, St. John Paul II Chair of Theology, University of Notre Dame (Australia); Member, International Theological Commission

"This is a worthy sequel to Father Nichols' Chalice of God.  With clarity and brevity, he skillfully holds together elements that are often set in opposition: metaphysics and hermeneutics, scientia and mystical experience, cataphasis and apophasis, theological unity and theological pluralism, analogy of being and analogy of faith, tradition as deposit and tradition as event, historical criticism and Christocentric exegesis, and so on.  The result is a profound primer on the tasks and exercise of Catholic theology."
— Matthew Levering, James N. and Mary D. Perry Jr. Chair of Theology, Mundelein Seminary


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