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Though he speaks no words in Scripture, St. Joseph's message to us is resounding: he wants to lead us to Jesus. In Through the Heart of St. Joseph, Fr. Boniface Hicks reveals the path St. Joseph has laid.

Discover how St. Joseph's vulnerability, littleness, silence, and hiddenness can transform and heal us. Fr. Hicks also looks to the saints who lived the "Joseph Option" to show how we too can embrace a life of humble trust and steadfast courage.

Through the Heart of St. Joseph proves with quiet conviction that if we entrust ourselves to the foster father of Our Lord, he will give us his love and protection—just as he gave it to Jesus.

Editorial Reviews

"A tremendous renewal of interest in St. Joseph is taking place in the Church today. Fr. Hicks has followed the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and penned an incredible book for us on St. Joseph. It is packed with insights, wisdom, and application and highlights the important message that God is speaking to the Church today, namely, Go to Joseph! I very highly recommend this book!"
--Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, Author,Consecration to St. Joseph

"Fr. Boniface speaks of St. Joseph in a way that is perfectly contemporary―and yet always grounded in tradition, engaging the reflection of many saints. I know of no other book that so thoroughly plumbs the spiritual depths of St. Joseph's life.Through the Heart has become my favorite book about the holy patriarch."
--Mike Aquilina, Author, St. Joseph and His World

"This book flows from a faithful monk who has not only a sound theological grasp of St. Joseph, but also a deep experience in his own interior life of Joseph's fatherly care. Fr. Boniface portrays St. Joseph in his red-blooded humanity as a passionate spouse and tender father who is the vigorous head and strong protector of the Holy Family. If you read this book prayerfully, you will come to know St. Joseph as Fr. Boniface does: as a loving father and friend. You will also want to join the saints who chose the 'Joseph Option' to help others meet him as well."
--Christopher West, Th.D., President, Theology of the Body Institute

"An invaluable resource for deepening our knowledge and love of St. Joseph, particularly during this 150th anniversary year of his proclamation as Patron of the Universal Church. Fr. Hicks' gracious accompaniment takes the form of an extended lectio divina of St. Joseph's portrayal in the Gospels, specifically his primary role in the lives of Jesus and Mary and thus in salvation history, that is both accessible and profound. A timely book on the Husband of Mary, Earthly Father of Jesus, and Patron of the Universal Church that is spiritually rich, particularly when approached in a prayerful manner."
--Fr. Joseph F. Chorpenning, O.S.F.S., Editorial Director, St. Joseph's University Press

"Fr. Hicks has given us a rare gift. These accessible pages are an original and ground-breaking contribution to understanding the spirituality of St. Joseph. In reading these pages, not only does the reader learn about St. Joseph, but also quickly feels he or she is meeting St. Joseph. Through the Heart of Saint Joseph is a spiritual tool that can access our heart and change our life."
Rev. Msgr. J. Brian Bransfield, Author of;The Human Person: According to John Paul II

"It behooves Christians who seek to know the Lord Jesus to contemplate him in the midst of the Holy Family. Through careful attention to the biblical stories about St. Joseph, and drawing upon spiritual wisdom from a wide range of sources, Fr. Hicks explores 'Joseph's way' of serving and obeying the Lord. If Catholics today are to advance beyond our fallen experience of wounded fatherhood―whether our own or that of our fathers, including our spiritual fathers―we will need to draw close to the obedience, patience, and perseverance of St. Joseph. May this book draw many hearts into the circle of the Holy Family where, in the midst of human trials, the love of the Lord reigns."
Matthew Levering, James N. and Mary D. Perry Jr. Chair of Theology, Mundelein Seminary


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