Wisdom and Innocence (Digital)

A Life of G.K. Chesterton

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December 04, 2013
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Through years of meticulous research and access to the literary estate of G.K. Chesterton, Joseph Pearce presents a major biography of a 20th century literary giant, providing a great deal of important information on GKC never before published. This is a thoroughly readable and delightful biography of a multi- faceted author, artist and debater who loved the friendship of children, idolized his wife and enjoyed great friendships with the likes of Hillaire Belloc, Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells. Illustrated.

Editorial Reviews

"An astonishing biography of an astonishing man. Pearce has done his research thoroughly and well, bringing to the reading public a superb biography containing information and material heretofore unknown about one of the truly influential men of his time—G. K. Chesterton."
Midwest Book Review

"Pearce celebrates Chesterton’s happy family life, successful marriage, and friendships with Belloc, Shaw, and other Victorian and twentieth-century writers. Also detailed are Chesterton’s social and political activism, as well as his romanticism and childlike joie de vivre ."
— Library Journal

"This book is a fresh reminder of how good Chesterton could be."
— The Sunday Telegraph


(No reviews yet) Write a Review