God in Action

How Faith in God Can Address the Challenges of the World

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January 01, 2018
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In this bracing manifesto, His Eminence Francis Cardinal George provides refreshing insight into the intersection of faith and the public sphere. In our country today, the significance of religious faith is often reduced to personal spiritual convictions or peculiar ideas found within self-contained churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques. Yet, as Cardinal George argues, it is God acting through humanity that is the very root of the core ideals that shape society. Consequently, he calls for resistance to creeping ideas that seek to deny religious organizations the freedom to act on their convictions and, thus, shutting voices of faith out of the public square on culture-defining issues.

Moreover, Cardinal George calls for a fundamental reevaluation of questions surrounding human rights, religious liberty, respect for life, just war, commerce, immigration, and globalization. God in Action presents a universal message rooted in the Catholic philosophical tradition that is impossible to ignore.

Editorial Reviews

"A genuine contribution to the debate that is American democracy's lifeblood."
- George Weigel, author, The Cube and the Cathedral

"Cardinal Francis George has... the clarity and conviction that are the marks of a great teacher."
- Mary Ann Glendon, professor of law, Harvard University


(No reviews yet) Write a Review