Sex and the Unreal City

The Demolition of the Western Mind



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Unreal City: a cartoon megalopolis where towers are built of cotton candy, facts scatter like pixie dust, and the truth is whatever you feel it to be.

And it's no fantasy. It's where we live. "We dwell in Unreal City. We believe in un-being." 

With saber-like wit, poet and professor Anthony Esolen leads readers on a tour through the ruins of their own Western world—through king-size bookstores, manicured college campuses, strobe-lit choir lofts, mechanized farms, divorce courts, drag-queen libraries, and beyond. This hilarious guide to a culture gone mad with sex and self-care minces no words and spares no egos. We the people of Unreal City are no better, and certainly no smarter, than our fathers.  

But fear not. Sex and the Unreal City insists there's no need to settle down in the ninth circle of unreality. Esolen lights a torch and heads up the well-trod path back to our cleaner, kinder, truer homeland: Earth. Along the way, the author sings the songs of masters long forgotten—Shakespeare, Dante, Milton, the Evangelists—and asks us to join in.

Editorial Reviews

"Everything Anthony Esolen writes is of the first importance. Sex and the Unreal City is the latest stunning case in point. It is a hauntingly beautiful meditation on the tragic flaws of our age by one of America's deepest and most original thinkers. Read it, give it, treasure it."
— Mary Eberstadt, Author, Primal Screams: How the Sexual Revolution Created Identity Politics

"Brick by brick Anthony Esolen definitively deconstructs the Unreal Sexual City crumbling around us and leads us back into the intellectual joy of the only truly real city—the City of God. A must-read for all who are seeking the pathway of truth in a world gone mad."
— Sue Ellen Browder, Author, Subverted and Sex and the Catholic Feminist 

"Anthony Esolen is not merely a pundit or even a prognosticator. He is a prophet—the rare doctor who nails the diagnosis, exposes the false treatments that have made the patient sicker, and applies the lasting cure. Elegant sock-to-the-jaw prose."
— Patrick Coffin, Author, The Contraception Deception; Co-Founder,

"This work wins my 'book of the year' award for 2020."
— Tracey Rowland, Ph.D., St. John Paul II Chair of Theology, University of Notre Dame (Australia)

"Through page after page of Sex and the Unreal City blows what C. S. Lewis called 'the clean sea breeze of the centuries'. Funny, bracing, and dripping with Chestertonian wit and common sense!"
— Louis Markos, Ph.D., Professor of English, Houston Baptist University

"If logic is hate speech and common sense bigotry, buckle up for a compelling dose of it in this brilliantly written and expertly argued book."
— Matt Fradd, Host, Pints with Aquinas; Author, The Porn Myth

"As the darkness falls, this is a prescription for what ails us. Read and reread. Then pray that scales fall from our eyes, cataracts are removed, and we see what was always in plain view."
— Peter J. Scaer, Ph.D., Chairman of Exegetical Theology, Concordia Theological Seminary


(No reviews yet) Write a Review