The WillPower Advantage

Building Habits for Lasting Happiness



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October 05, 2020
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Christians, as well as all men and women, are called to holiness and happiness, but everyone struggles to take the practical steps necessary to overcome the vices that rob us of our peace and steal our joy. The WillPower Advantage shows that we need to renew our minds with the truth about ourselves in order to develop the good habits we need to handle the challenges we face. We are not called to be passive; we are called to use our will and our strength to receive God's grace and transform the world, beginning with ourselves.

The WillPower Advantage helps people to build the virtues they need by providing practical wisdom from ancient and contemporary sources. The book includes a Spiritual Audit, which identifies a person's temperament along with its strength's and weaknesses. The virtues each temperament needs to work on are then presented systematically with practical tips for strengthening them.

Editorial Reviews

"The most practical book today helping people to grow in faith and virtues, as they aim for the finish line of heaven!" 
Lou Holtz, College Football Hall of Fame Coach

“Solidly based on the teachings of the Church, this book is a practical resource for growing in self-knowledge and forging the virtues needed today for a holy and loving communion with Christ.”
Most Rev. Thomas Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix, Arizona

“Concretely points out ways to take seriously the struggle against weakness and sin by making a commitment of the will to accept God’s grace, strive against sin and evil, and seek sanctity.”
Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J., Host, EWTN Live   

“A book for every disciple of Jesus Christ who wants to understand the choices we face and to reboot our lives with a game plan to implement joy and stability into our lives and the lives around us.”
Steve Ray, Host, The Footprints of God film series

“A wise, straight-talking summons to authentic Christian discipleship. Offers a compelling vision of the goal, and a practical plan for moving toward it through daily growth in holiness and happiness.” 
Paul Thigpen, Ph.D., Author, Manual for Spiritual Warfare

“A rare book that not only contains deep wisdom and the call to virtue and holiness, but provides the means to answer the most important practical question: Yes, but how?”
Peter Herbeck, Vice President, Renewal Ministries


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